Students from all over the world came to Gastronomicom

We welcome our new students for April intake! Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Ghana, Guinea, Hong Kong, Hungary, Mexico, Philippines, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States: students from all over…

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In the eyes of a student: the bread week

Our student Elan make a short report of the bread week "Time flies! This is beginning of the last month of the 3-month program. Yes, it is the bread week again,…

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We welcome our new students

We welcome our new students for January intake. 19 nationalities: This is a real International culinary school with a lot of possibilities of cultural exchange!

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Papila project

Papila is a Spanish design studio created in 2009, specialized in the food sector and constituted by Alberto Arza, Roberto Cortés and Eva García. Today Papila wishes to publish the…

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Reputation of French Gastronomy

Reputation of French Gastronomy
French gastronomic map

Why is French Gastronomy so famous around the world? The ascendancy of the French gastronomy built itself up in the course of centuries. A succession of creative, talented and fascinated cooks…

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Certification ceremony on Friday the 1st of April

Congratulations to all our students, we thank you for your amazing work. We wish you good luck for your professional life ! [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="10" gal_title="First april cocktail"]

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Summary cooking week

Fontain salmon, hollandaise sauce, celeriac taggliatelles and confit leekHollandaise sauce is a kind of warm stable emultion done with egg yolk, clarified butter and lemon juice Chicken breast cooked on…

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Pastry – Entremets workshop

Theme of the workshop was French style cake. Two superimposed chocolate cakes with mirror glaze Decoration are prepared with mirror glaze, floral decoration in white and black chocolate and a…

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Class photo

The long-wainting group photo ! Class photo of students and teachers at Gastronomicom for the January 2016 Intake  

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Cooking – Quiche lorraine

Traditonnal and revisited Lorraine Quiche by our students. The aim of the course was to work the Lorraine Quiche to play with different texture and view Which one do you…

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Pastry – Chocolate Week

Chocolate week in gastronomicom ! Here we are chocolate candy with a milk chocolate couverture and a pistachio ganache.     The students using a specific coating with a table…

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Pastry chef school

Becoming one of the very best pastry chefs, it is not an easy thing to accomplish. To be a great pastry chef you need a lot of training, passion and…

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Winemaking school

In our winemaking school you will have the chance to discover the exclusive world of wines; you will improve your wine vocabulary and you will grow professionally. All these new…

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Learn about wine

Wine has been around for thousands of years, being royalty’s favorite drink. Over the years wines have become more and more refined and an entire industry has grown. Many times,…

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Pastry arts school

Are you passionate about French pastry? Whether you want to start discovering the tasty world of French pastry or you are already a professional looking to improve his knowledge, you…

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Pastry intership

One of the goals of our academy is to form future professionals in the art of French pastry. One of the best ways to develop and improve your skills is…

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Training Cook

Formation de cuisinier Vous souhaitez suivre une formation de cuisinier pour devenir un professionnel de la cuisine gastronomique? École culinaire internationale, Gastronomicom vous offre la possibilité d’apprendre tous les secrets…

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Cocktail for the Graduation Ceremony: May 2013

Cocktail for the Graduation Ceremony: May 2013
Soirée Cocktail de remise des Certificats Mai 2013

Now it's a tradition. A cocktail is organised for the students who are leaving for their internship or after the completion of their training. They are in charge for the…

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Two gold medals in Hong Kong

Two gold medals in Hong Kong
Valeria Julanova

One of our former students, Valeria Julanova and her team won two Gold medals in The Hong Kong International Culinary Classic 13, who was part of HOFEX 2013 — the largest food…

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Pastry Demonstration in India

Pastry Demonstration in India
Pastry cooking demonstration in India

Our pastry chef teacher, Florent Cantaut, is making a demonstration to promote Gastronomicom in one of the biggest Universities in New Delhi.        

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