The best program to become a professional chef

Do you desire to land a job at a gastronomic restaurant?
Then this is the program for you!
We offer a One year Program in French Cooking and Pastry and French lessons for individuals who wish to hone their knowledge and skills in these fields. It includes courses and an internship in a gastronomic restaurant in France. This program provides a Culinary arts degree. The most complete program. Join one of the best culinary school in Europe!

Cooking courses and French lessons
+ Pastry courses and French lessons
+ internship

18 700
  • 24 weeks courses
  • 15H of cooking and 15H of French lessons per week during 12 weeks
  • 15H of pastry and 15H of French lessons per week during 12 weeks
  • 720H of classes
  • courses taught in English
  • professional kitchen knife set provided ​
  • 24 weeks internship
  • diploma in cooking or pastry and certificate in French lessons

Additional Information

Internship in a french restaurant

During the internship, students will be provided with room and board and receive a monthly stipend of around 550€


All weekends are free (except during the internship). Depending of the session, you will have a 1 week break during which you can visit France or stay in the lodging


Beautiful Residence near the beach, 10mn from the school by bus (everything is organized) for a very reasonable price

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