Gastronomic program 3 months
Cooking courses

Learn French cooking at 1 Michelin star level

This program is for people who want to master French cooking at the 1 Michelin star level. You will improve your skills in fine dining at our chef school. This program includes an initiation in molecular cooking. It’s a great cooking training to learn how to make delicious dishes! Join our culinary institute and learn the best cooking techniques and skills!

Cooking courses

  • 12 weeks
  • 15H of hands-on cooking classes per week
  • 180H of classes
  • courses taught in English
  • certificate in cooking

Additional Information

Practical classes

Demonstration of the Chef followed by carrying out the recipe from A to Z by the student himself with the teacher's advice

Go sightseeing

All weekends are free. Depending of the session, you will have a 1 week break during which you can visit France or stay in the lodging: January intake (no week break); April intake (2022: from 30th of April to 8th of May / 2023: from 29th of April to 7th of May); September intake (2022: from 15th to 23rd of October; 2023: from 14th to 22nd of October)


Beautiful Residence near the beach, 10mn from the school by bus (everything is organized) for a very reasonable price

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