Gastronomic program 3 months
Cooking courses

This program is for people who want to master French cooking at the 1 Michelin star level. You will improve your skills in fine dining at our chef school. This program includes an initiation in molecular cooking. It’s a great cooking training to learn how to make delicious dishes! Join our culinary institute and learn the best cooking techniques and skills!

Cooking courses

  • 12 weeks
  • 15H of hands-on cooking classes per week
  • 180H of classes
  • courses taught in English
  • certificate in cooking

Truffle quiche Lorraine in Faberge egg wayTruffle quiche Lorraine in Faberge egg way

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The cooking module includes:

  • 1st week: cold starters

  • 2nd week: hot starters

  • 3rd week: fish and sauces

  • 4th week: meat and sauces

The monthly timetable will be repeated with new recipes and an increase level of difficulty

Additional Information

Practical classes

Demonstration of the Chef followed by carrying out the recipe from A to Z by the student himself with the teacher's advice

Go sightseeing

All weekends are free so you can visit the south of France and practice the French language


Beautiful Residence near the beach, 10mn from the school by bus (everything is organized) for a very reasonable price