We offer the option of an internship following the completion of your course(s) at Gastronomicom, an exceptional opportunity which will enable you to improve your skills in cooking and pastry.
The school takes great care to identify the best fine dining establishment for you, where you will also be provided with lodging, board and a monthly stipend. You’ll experience the pace and rhythm of a high-end restaurant and discover what it means to work as a gastronomic chef.

Gastronomicom is the only culinary academy to offer an internship for students (in cooking or pastry) in restaurants referenced in the French Michelin Guide.

Our Programs including an Internship

The 7-month program

3 months’ courses and 4 month internship

The 1 year program

6 months’ courses and 6 month internship

It is not possible to only participate in the internship. The preceding courses are compulsory by French law, as well as being in your interest so we can determinate your level of experience to help to choose the right establishment for you.

A boost for your culinary career

Thanks to our more than 15 years of experience and excellent reputation, we are able to exclusively collaborate with fine dining restaurants in France such as Relais-Chateaux and other prestigious establishments referenced in the French Michelin Guide.
Each student’s placement will be decided upon by the teachers and the administrative team. The school will consider the student’s technical abilities, level of French, motivation and general behavior.

stage restaurant gastronomique

During the internship, students will receive a monthly stipend of around 550€ and be provided with lodging and board.
The internship is a formative and extremely helpful experience for students, concluding their training and enabling them to appreciate the realities of professional culinary career.

A prestigious internship is a wonderful addiction to your resume or C.V.

We have created a website which provides all the necessary information relating to the internship, which can be found by clicking HERE, with related jobs HERE.