Discover below some testimonials of former students of Gastronomicom. Thanks to this feedback and former student reviews, it will be easier to make an informed decision.

The school

I could not have enjoyed my time at Gastronomicom more than I did! There wasn’t a morning in which I wasn’t excited to get to school, see what ingredients we were going to work with, and learn new techniques each day. Chef Fabrice was fun, talented, and made me feel like he cared about me as a person and the journey I was on. The facility is lovely, and the Residence where we lived had all the amenities needed to feel right at home…being a short walk to a beautiful beach was pretty awesome too. It’s been a couple weeks since I returned home and not a day goes by in which I don’t miss school and learning. This was one of the best investments I have ever made and highly recommend Gastronomicom.
nathalie becker
The teachers and staff are passionate about what they do and it shows in each lesson. I’ve learned more than I ever dreamed possible, not only in Patisserie and French, but also about myself. Another wonderful bonus is meeting lifelong friends from all over the world! I’m so grateful that I took this chance for me and if you’re thinking about studying at Gastronomicom, do it. You’ll have the best time!
Valerie Valcourt
I highly recommend Gastronomicon for several reasons: the size of the class, the attention that you get, the location and the staff is just absolutely wonderful, the residence where we live is great. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is interested in taking a pastry or a culinary program
From the moment I saw pictures of beautifully decorated plates created by smiling students and chefs I knew that there was something special about Gastronomicom cooking school in France. It kept calling me to explore more about it. I started imagining myself as a student there, learning from great chefs about French cuisine and patisserie, improving my cooking skills and plating and meeting new people from all over the world. A while after, it all became reality. I couldn't even imagine that this culinary journey was going to open a whole new world in my eyes and make me a member of one big international family.
Mirna Saric
Since there are a limited number of students in each class, we can all achieve an optimal learning experience. As the weeks pass the difficulty level gradually increases, which helps us strengthen our basics in pastry before moving onto complicated techniques. This allows us to build a strong foundation and then grow on it. The professors and chefs are very professional and are always ready to share their knowledge and skills to help us grow, the kitchens are very well equipped which makes our learning experience seamless. I would recommend Gastronomicom to anyone who wants to learn Pastry; it was definitely the right choice for me!
Resham CHANDWANI student
The school was recommended to me by my friend, and I am very satisfied with my decision to attend classes here. Coming to a country with a culture and language complete different from Taiwan. It was a challenge for me, but it was also one of my dreams which I am happy to have completed. I recommend the school to anyone wanting to improve their cooking skills, language and knowledge, and can assure that you will have an unforgettable and beautiful memory as I did!
Hsin-Yu (Eddie) pastry student
Hsin-Yu (Eddie)
On the first day I stepped in the classes, I knew I have made the right decision and chosen the right place to learn French language and French cuisine with one star Michelin level. Equipped with dynamic, passionate and talented professionals, it is situated in a small but beautiful, picturesque village in the South of France.”
Gary Gory cooking student
Gary Gory
When I came here first day, I saw a clean kitchen and everyone was nice to me. I knew that I could learn a lot here! I’m glad to choose Gastronomicom. I learn a lot of things and make some friends from different countries around the world.
culinary school james student
Cheng (James)
In cuisine and pastry techniques and skills that we learn are extraordinary its make me excited every time they explain and tech us new technique that I never knew or think before. The Kitchen here in our school divide into two kitchens, one for cuisine and another one for pastry both of them are well equipped, organised and clean ready for all students to learn all the new techniques and skills. Both of our chef are so friendly and have so much experience, we can ask or get any advice about any technique or thing that we don't understand from them. And one of the best thing about this school is its family like atmosphere from all prof. I met a lot of good friends in this school and even all of us came from different country, but we were like family here I really have a great time here at Gastronomicom with everyone, And because of so much knowledge that my prof. and chef give to me I really want to make them proud of me in the future. And if any one ask me where should they study culinary in France I would highly recommend Gastronomicom.
Narut pastry student

Cooking Courses

Every day our cooking class begins with a briefing by the Chef. He tells us about the ingredients that we are going to work with and explains to us the classic French cooking techniques that we’ll use that day. We return to our stations to follow his instructions. Though he gives us free rein, he does keep a close eye to check us if we make a mistake. Right from the chopping skills to the plating of the dish. We get to work with the best and the most celebrated French ingredients. Only in one month, I have filleted six different types of fish, carved a quail and cut through a live lobster! It’s only been a month for me at Gastronomicom cooking school in France and it already feels like home!
No day is the same except for that we every week have theme that rotates; cold starters, warm starters, fish and meat. What I enjoy the most in the kitchen is that we are using good ingredients, usually local and exclusive. We are being taught several different methods of cooking, how to prepare the food and how to present the food on a plate; to make the finished product look both tasty and artistic. I am very happy that I have attended this course and it has broaden my interest in food and cooking. I highly recommend it to anyone that would like to learn more about this wonderful subject.
ina lobben
The Chef teaches us how to cook in classic french techniques but on top of that we get to know his own innovative approach on the classic recipe. Moreover, we get to work with most fresh ingredients from the local region which we poach, braise and apply other various techniques.
Gustautas cooking student

Pastry Courses

I made the 7 months pastry program and it was amazing, everyone is really nice, the school give a lot of support to adjust during the stay, the teachers are great! I've learned so much, met a lot of people, traveled to a lot of places! It was definitely the most amazing experience!!
Barbara Santana
The pastry program at Gastronomicom cooking school in France was a life-changing experience. When I finally decided to make a career change and make my passion my career, I needed an intensive hands-on program that focused on the students. Small classes and knowledgeable teachers is what I found here. I was able to learn numerous techniques and recipes in the three month pastry course. Not only did students learn specific recipes, we also learned the science behind baking and theory of flavor pairings for balance in complexity. I also took the specialty workshops in Chocolate and Sugar Showpieces.
Hanna Stone pastry student
Before coming to Gastronomicom, I already had experience in pastry. But this 3 months course perfected my skills through a full program including bakery, cakes, platted desserts and chocolate. Chef Pol teaches us new skills, knowledge. I can see a lot of progress in my platted desserts, as Chef Pol takes the time to point out every detail and show us ways to continuously improve our skills. He is always keen to share everything he knows with us.
Hsin-Yu (Eddie) pastry student
Hsin-Yu (Eddie)
In pastry class, Chef Pol has guide us step by step with his well-organization disciplines for all of us. Each week we were given different topics to learn, in general we have 4 totally different categories to learn, first comes to the bread, cakes, plat decorations, and definitely the chocolate.
Culinary Academy Yvonne
Shih Huan (Yvonne)
In Gastronomicom, I’ve learned a lot techniques from Chef Pol, especially the topic were changed week by week, I really like the schedule that Chef arranged for all students. It make us adjust ourselves in arranging every steps in pastry field. Chef Pol has taught us a lot of pastry skills since the first day we were here. With Chef explanation, each student have fully understandings of preparation steps and baking skills. To accomplish my dream is to come to Gastronomicom culinary school, which has sharpen my skills in French pastry a lot. Learning by doing is the most important of my life, I won’t stop learning.”
Yi-Ting pastry student

French Lessons

The Professor employs various techniques to ensure we speak, write, understand and listen well such as History (origin) of words, textbooks, researches he made, synonymes, games, short clips, comedy, animations, class exercises, homework, idioms and more. He makes us speak even if the grammatical expressions or conjugations are wrong. We're encouraged to go out and speak, wherever we are, airports, stores anywhere, just speak. He's patient with each student. Lots of exercises to practice with. In class, you're free to make mistakes without criticism. He's friendly, jovial and strict at the same time. In Gastronomicom, French language is fun to learn and it's quick. I scarcely believe it myself, but it's true cause I speak. Here, you have the true value for your money So, if you desire to learn French, my advice to you is this; "THINK FRENCH, THINK GASTRONOMICOM"
Agaba Dolapo French Language Class
Everyday I learn something new from french language prof Stéphane and it’s not only the things related with french grammar or vocabulary but historical and cultural facts of France.
Gustautas cooking student
After 3 months of French classes, I have fallen in love with the language… The beginning was tough but the prof made it a smooth ride, and I feel more confident each day
Suzanna pastry student
South Africa
“I also elected to use my time here to refresh my mostly-forgotten secondary school French, and could not be more glad that I did - Professor Stéphane’s classes are helpful, interesting and always engaging. This is not study demanding hours of completing exercises from a textbook; instead, Stéphane takes time to delve into the historical and anthropological origins of the language to provide context and broaden our understanding. He encourages students who are familiar with a particular word to explain it (in French, bien sûr) to those who aren’t. We play games to test our vocabulary. We watch snippets of French films. Each week we get just a little more fluent and develop slightly more sophisticated grammar. Though there’s still a long way to go, for me at least, it’s come as a huge surprise to this once reluctant student that I actually really like learning French.