Our cooking and pastry certificates and diplomas

Our school is officially registered with the Ministry of Labor and Continuing Education as a Center for Continuing Education. Thanks to our 16 years of experience, and partner hotels and restaurants, Gastronomicom has forged a solid reputation in the gastronomic field.

Gastronomicom provides hands-on classes in cooking and pastry.

Depending on the program, the school awards students training certificates or diplomas in the subjects studied (cooking, pastry, French language).
Due to our excellent reputation and partnerships in the international gastronomic field, Gastronomicom obtained quality certifications issued by French government agencies: Quality Conformity Certificate Pôle Emploi, Datadock…

Our certificates (For training courses of 1 to 3 months or short programs)

Depending on the program, the school awards students training certificates in the subjects studied (cooking, pastry, French language).

For example, students following a 3-month gastronomic program in cooking and French language, will receive a certificate in cooking and a certificate in French language at the end of their training.

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Our diplomas (For training with internships of 7 and 12 months)

Gastronomicom awards a diploma to the trainee according to the internship completed (internship in cooking or pastry).

A major advantage of our diplomas is that they include concrete professional experience.

For a career, your future employers especially want to know if you are able to make high-quality recipes in a professional context of intense pressure and not only in the quiet and comfortable atmosphere of a classroom.

Indeed, many people can make a great recipe at school, but not everyone is able to make it for 10 hours a day every day, under the pressure of customers waiting for their dish.
More than giving you an additional line to your CV, our goal is to help you start your career in gastronomy.

The best diploma to start your career!