Below you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions. They are divided into 4 sections : Internships, Training, Lodging and Other.


Firstly, the law in France requires students to do a course in the same field before an internship. Secondly, we need to know you the student (in order) to select the right place for you according to your skills, which we decide upon during a meeting with all teachers following your first few months in the course. And thirdly, we give the students intensive French lessons so they are able to communicate correctly during the internship and this is essential to fully benefit from the internship experience!

The school provides internship for all students and we place them in high-end hotel-restaurants or restaurants all over France. During the internship, the restaurant will provide you lodging, food (3 meals daily), and approximately 550€ per month. You will work around 10 hours per day (though this could vary based on the restaurant) and you will have two days off per week. You will be expected to undertake more basic tasks initially, though this will evolve over time depending on your level of motivation and how much you invest in your work.

An internship is not a holiday and is rather hard at the beginning, but it is also an exceptional practical experience and will be an amazing reference on your CV!

On the first day of school, all students sit a French test in order to assign everyone to the right class. Our teachers will be able to determine if you don’t need any French lessons or if it is better to do one month and then switch to the second practical subject. So don’t worry, we will check this with you on your arrival!


Please send us your CV/resume and we will be able to advise if you should follow the beginner, advanced or professional program.

The full uniform is compulsory. The professional trousers are necessary because they are in a non flammable fabric and the safety shoes are made from a special plastic which protects you from boiling water and also has a special reinforced toe to protect you if something heavy falls on your feet.

If you can’t find them in your country, you can buy them from by us for 40€ for the shoes and also 40€ for the trousers. The student’s jacket and apron are rented for 60 Euros a month, which includes laundering.

We have 3 beginner

The choice of taking 1 month, 2 months, 3 months or more depends on your goals. Do you want to become a professional chef or just a very good home-cook?

Write us an email and we’ll help you choose the best option.

Our organization is based on 3-month program. The first month is the easiest technically, so it is more adapted for beginners or non professionals. The second is a little bit more technical and the third even more. Therefore, this means that there is a technical skill progression each month, so for those with previous experience in the field, the last month is recommended as suitable for professionals.

Thanks to our 16 years of experience and our solid reputation in the gastronomic field, our diplomas are recognized around the world.

After the one-year program, you will get a diploma in the field in which you’ve completed the internship and a certificate in the other practical subject. You will also receive a certificate from the school for the French lessons completed as well as a certificate for your internship indicating where you did it, in which department, and how long.

We are registered with the Ministry of Labor, which has regulations regarding internship hours and wages.

There is no special date to apply. For example, you can enroll two years before the beginning of your training if you want. First come, first served!

We don’t have a special date to close registrations but when the classes are full we’ll stop taking new applications. Be aware that if you need a visa it may take a long time so you have to enroll as soon as possible.

However we usually close registration 6 months before the beginning of the program.

Sometimes it’s possible however, to apply at the last moment, if you don’t need a visa and of course, if there are still places. If you decide to enroll at that moment, please contact us at


Student lodging is provided in a residence near the school (a direct bus brings you to the campus). Students are accommodated in nice two person apartments with two bedrooms (one for each student) a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, TV, a nice terrace to eat outside when the weather is good, separate toilets from the bathroom, etc. A heated swimming pool is open from the beginning of April til the end of October and is free of charges for our students!

You can find all information about Lodging on our website.

We have students of many different ages in the school from 18 years old to sometimes over 60 and we select the roommates by age as we recognize it is often easier to share a living space with a person around the same age.

If you wish to share lodging with your partner during your course(s) at the school, you just need to choose an individual studio (520€ per month) or an individual apartment with one bedroom (620€ per month) or an individual apartment with two bedrooms (760€ per month).

During the internship, the hotel-restaurant will not provide housing or meals for your partner so other accommodations should be found for your partner.

The apartment is fully equipped so you don’t need to bring anything except the bath towels. There is a TV in the apartment and the electricity and water are included in the rental, although there is no gas in the lodging!


You can check all the information on our webpage:
You can also download this document : Visa-procedure-gastronomicom-Eng

The best way to get to our school is to take a flight to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and then take the Perpignan-bound TGV train which departs directly from the airport and stops in Agde and we can collect you from the train station (for the September, January and April intakes). This is the easiest and also cheapest way to get to Agde.

You like to enroll or still have unanswered questions? Check our enrollment and contact forms!