Reputation of French Gastronomy

Why is French Gastronomy so famous around the world?

The ascendancy of the French gastronomy built itself up in the course of centuries. A succession of creative, talented and fascinated cooks improved the French gastronomy. They also contributed to spread the word all around the world.

More than great recipes, French gastronomy is a way of life. French have a tight attachment to the richness and diversity of each regions. This is what we call “Terroir”. It has a social aspect too. French people take time to eat and appreciate their meals. They like being surrounded by friends and family while sharing not only a meal but also a good time. This is their way of enjoying life.

The host take time to plan and prepare a dinner. It begins with brainstorming on what could be done. Then comes the time to buy all products and ingredients. The next step is cooking, always with heart and passion. Setting the table with elegance and taste is also part of the rite. Last but not least, it is time to eat.

French gastronomy
French way of life – wine, bread and cheese

A traditional dinner starts with an aperitif where people chat and share a glass of wine. Then they sit at the table and have a starter (“entrée” in French), an entrée (fish or meat), a plate of cheese to finish with a dessert. And all that paired with bread and wine.

Did you know?

In 2010, UNESCO recognized French gastronomy as part of their Intangible Cultural Heritage. They highlighted different points to come to their final decision:

  • the use of fresh, local, products, whose flavors go well together
  • the careful selection of dishes which reflect the terroir and diversity of French regions
  • the pairing of food and wine
  • the setting of a beautiful table
  • the conversations and rituals associated with each meal

French gastronomy became a “real word” and entered in the dictionary. For the Cambridge English dictionary it is “the ​art and ​knowledge ​involved in ​preparing and ​eating good ​food”.