A school born from a passion. After 40 years experience working in the hotel industry and in luxurious restaurants across Europe, I decided to share my passion for this fabulous career with the students from all nationalities with an interest in discovering French gastronomy. My philosophy: the best products, a wonderful discipline, excellent teachers, a family atmosphere and passion, always passion…
Martine Lessault
Gastronomicom's founder
Culinary training Christiana

We believe that students need the right environment to learn well. Therefore, in September 2014 we decided to move to a brand new campus.
Gastronomicom now hosts its students in a completely renovated campus in an 800 square meter building.

Our two fully equipped professional kitchens (each 110 square meters) are dedicated to hands-on Cooking and Pastry classes. We have one classroom reserved for learning French. We limit the number of students per class to 16-18 to allow a true proximity to the teachers and to make learning easier.

Our campus provides the opportunity to learn gastronomic French cooking and patisserie to a 1 Michelin Star Level in fantastic conditions. Our programs are intended for both professionals and beginners.