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Raspberry passion tart

Raspberry cheese cake

Vegetables shaving red mullet with lime yogourt

Spaghetti dome with fresh coriander and lemongrass, langoustine with milk powder

Welcome to Gastronomicom culinary school!

Gastronomicom is an international culinary school founded in 2005 by Martine Lessault. Our campus hosts students from all over the world and offers cooking classes, pastry classes and also French lessons in a charming town in the South of France.

Our programs are intended for both professionals and beginners who want to improve their skills in French cooking or pastry, by providing exclusive hands-on classes at one Michelin star level with highly experienced teachers. All courses are conducted in English.

Our French culinary school provides lodging in the beautiful “Residence Club Saint-Loup” resort, 10 minutes from the school by bus.

If you choose our 7 month or 12 month program you will also complete a culinary internship in France, in a French restaurant. Depending on the program, our culinary institute awards students training certificates or a diploma.


We first want to express our thoughts to all the people in the world and to those who are being impacted by this epidemic.
At this point, it’s evident that no one will emerge completely unscathed from this ordeal. More than ever, we must stay united to limit the loss and ensure that life will get back on track and will return to normal as quickly as possible. Here at Gastronomicom we are also working to help our community, with that said we have postponed our school intake in April and have moved it to our scheduled intake in September 2020. If you want, you can already register on our website ( https://gastronomicom.fr/enrolment-online/ ) for the September 2020 intake.
We will be very delighted to welcome you on September 19th and for all future intakes.

Take care of yourself. 🙏

Gastronomicom staff


Gastronomicom Culinary school in France

All our teachers are passionate about food, sharing many years of experience in French cooking and pastry at prestigious fine dining establishments. They’ll enable you to learn the Art of French cooking and pastry to a one Michelin Star Level (the most respected hallmark for fine dining restaurants in the world). All our cooking and pastry courses are hands-on only. Students work in teams to help each other and learn together.

Following a cooking or  pastry program (including baking courses) at our boutique school gives you to access to the best restaurants in France and  around the world.

Join our culinary academy to discover the secrets of the French culinary arts and to become a true professional in this field.

How to get to Gastronomicom culinary Academy?

The best way to get to our school is to take a flight to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and then take the Perpignan-bound TGV train, which departs directly from the airport and stops in Agde, and we collect you from the train station (for the September, January and April intakes). This is the easiest and also cheapest way to get to Agde.

GASTRONOMICOM International Culinary Academy 
ZAE des 7 Fonts – 8, rue des Moulins à huile 34300 AGDE | FRANCE
T : +33 4 67 32 15 07  – Email: contact@gastronomicom.fr