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Cooking Program Realisation Cooking Program Realisation Cooking Program Realisation Cooking Program Realisation

Raspberry passion tart

Raspberry cheese cake

Vegetables shaving red mullet with lime yogourt

Spaghetti dome with fresh coriander and lemongrass, langoustine with milk powder

Welcome to Gastronomicom!

Gastronomicom is an international culinary school created in 2005 by Martine Lessault. Our campus receive students from all over the world and propose cooking classes, pastry classes but also French classes.

GASTRONOMICOM International Culinary Academy 
ZAE des 7 Fonts – 8, rue des Moulins à huile 34300 AGDE | FRANCE
T : +33 4 67 32 15 07  – Email:

All our teachers are passionate people with many years of experience at prestigious, high-end Gastronomic Hotels-Restaurants, in cooking or pastry. They’ll give you the opportunity to learn the Arts of French cooking and pastry at one Michelin star level (the best reference in the world for high quality Hotels-Restaurants or Restaurants). All our cooking and pastry courses are only hands-on classes. Students work in teams in order to help each other and learn together.
Gastronomicom culinary scool


Follow a program in our “boutique” school allow you to access to the best Hotels-Restaurants and Restaurants in France and all over the world.
Join our culinary academy in order to discover all the secrets of culinary arts and to become an authentic professional in this field.

How to go to AGDE?
The best way to arrive in our school is to take a flight to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and from there, inside the airport there is a direct TGV train going to Perpignan and which stop in Agde where we can pick the students up (for the September, January and April intakes). This is the most easiest way and also cheapest to arrive to Agde.


In September 2016 we opened a second Gastronomicom school located in Miami, Florida, if you are interested by this Campus check our website or contact us at to get more information about our programs in USA.