Graduation ceremony at Gastronomicom culinary and pastry school in the South of France

The Gastronomicom culinary and pastry Academy in the South of France, hosts at the end of each session a graduation ceremony ✨ This event is a very important and emotional moment for our students.

They have learnt a lot of cooking and/or pastry techniques with our chefs and have made a lot of recipes from A to Z. Some of our students have also taken French language lessons 🇫🇷 with our French teacher Stéphane. During the session they have had the chance to meet people from all over the world 🗺️ and have built strong relationships together. 

For this graduation ceremony, our students have prepared a delectable buffet ✨ under the guidance of their instructors, chef Pol and chef Fabrice. 

After the course some students are going back home and others will turn to other projects. Some are even going to do their internship in a French restaurant

We will continue to follow their progress. Now it’s time to enjoy! What a great atmosphere! 🥂