Working hard doesn’t mean you can’t have fun

“Working hard doesn’t mean you can’t have fun”. At Gastronomicom cooking school in France, I can agree with this.

The school was recommended to me by my friend, and I am very satisfied with my decision to attend classes here.
Coming to a country with a culture and language complete different from Taiwan.It was a challenge for me, but it was also one of my dreams which I am happy to have completed.

Before coming to Gastronomicom, I already had experience in pastry. But this 3 months course perfected my skills through a full program including bakery, cakes, platted desserts and chocolate.

Chef Pol teaches us new skills, knowledge

I can see a lot of progress in my platted desserts, as Chef Pol takes the time to point out every detail and show us ways to continuously improve our skills. He is always keen to share everything he knows with us.

Apart from pastry, there are other courses available for students to choose from, including the chocolate course which I took with Chef Pol in order to perfect my skills. Thanks to him for his great teaching!

The French class with Stéphane is also an important part of my learning, which I am very happy to be taking a part of. The organisation of the class and topics is great. He also makes the topics very clear, and has interesting ways to make us understand.

After class, I’m always excited to share what i learned with my friends. Thanks to Stéphane, i can see myself enjoying my learning more and more!
I will definitely miss everything here,

“Stressed is just desserts in reverse”.
I was brave enough to accept the challenge, and this stress made me grow and progress. I recommend the school to anyone wanting to improve their cooking skills, language and knowledge, and can assure that you will have an unforgettable and beautiful memory as I did! » Eddie lin

Thanks Eddie for this testimony. 👏 😃