It makes me happy when I make cakes and breads

“It makes me happy when I make cakes and breads every time in school.
In Gastronomicom, I’ve learned a lot techniques from Chef Pol, especially the topic were changed week by week, I really like the schedule that Chef arranged for all students. It make us adjust ourselves in arranging every steps in pastry field.

Last week, I’ve learned the most classic French bread, such as “les baguettes, les croissants, les pains aux chocolats”; the traditional French dessert, such as “les choux Paris-Brest, les tartes citron meringuées, les macarons”.

Pastry student

Chef Pol has taught us a lot of pastry skills since the first day we were here. With Chef explanation, each student have fully understandings of preparation steps and baking skills.
To accomplish my dream is to come to Gastronomicom culinary school, which has sharpen my skills in French pastry a lot. Learning by doing is the most important of my life, I won’t stop learning.” Yi-Ting Yang

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