It has broaden my interest in food and cooking

“I am attending the cooking course and french class, starting every day by learning some new french verbs and extending my vocabulary. It is difficult (although with every day it gets a little bit more easier), but we are also having a lot of fun in the classroom! After my lunch break containing of trying to eat as much of the pastry morning class delicious breads or sweet buns, it is time to put my apron on and head for the kitchen. No day is the same except for that we every week have theme that rotates; cold starters, warm starters, fish and meat.

What I enjoy the most in the kitchen is that we are using good ingredients, usually local and exclusive. We are being taught several different methods of cooking, how to prepare the food and how to present the food on a plate; to make the finished product look both tasty and artistic. Last week was cold starters and among other things we got to prepare lobster with a lobster sauce, foie gras au torchon and sea urchin with four different types of beets!

I am very happy that I have attended this course and it has broaden my interest in food and cooking. I highly recommend it to anyone that would like to learn more about this wonderful subject.” Ina Lobben.

Thank you Ina for this testimonial. 😃