You want to study culinary in France? I highly recommend Gastronomicom

“I am in one year program (cuisine, pastry, french and internship) at Gastronomicom cooking school in France. My daily routine of everyday class start with french language class with Prof Stéphane in then morning and end with class in the kitchen with our chef (Chef Pol and Chef Samuel) in the evening.

In French class we had learned many stuff not just vocabulary or grammar, but our prof teaches us history, culture, and different terms to make sure that we will be able to communicate in French more than just learning from the books. He makes sure that everybody in class understands everything he teaches and he always likes to make us challenge our self both inside and outside class.

I have met many prof from around the world, both in school and college, but Prof Stéphane is different, he really knows what students need and how to prepare them. I can truly say that he is one of my top ten professors that teach me language that I ever met until now. I know that I am not his best student because of my native language is Thai and it is so hard for me to understand how French language work and its unique vocabulary and pronunciation.

In cuisine and pastry techniques and skills that both Chef Pol and Chef Samuel teach us are extraordinary its make me excited every time they explain and tech us new technique that I never knew or think before. The Kitchen here in our school divide into two kitchens, one for cuisine and another one for pastry both of them are well equipped, organised and clean ready for all students to learn all the new techniques and skills. Both of our chef are so friendly and have so much experience, we can ask or get any advice about any technique or thing that we don’t understand from them.

And one of the best thing about this school is its family like atmosphere from all prof. Chef and friend. I met a lot of good friends in this school and even all of us came from different country, but we were like family here. We spend most of our free time together, eat, hangout or chill around with each other.

I really have a great time here at Gastronomicom with everyone, And because of so much knowledge that my prof. and chef give to me I really want to make them proud of me in the future. And if any one ask me where should they study culinary in France I would highly recommend Gastronomicom.” Narut Thongprasert

Thanks Narut for this testimonial.