In the eyes of a student at Gastronomicom…

In the eyes of a student at Gastronomicom…

“I attend one year program in Gastronomicom. When I came here first day, I saw a clean kitchen and everyone was nice to me. I knew that I could learn a lot here!

After three months of cuisine lesson, indeed, I really learned a lot of skills from chef Samuel. No matter what the questions were, chef Samuel always answered us with patience. 

This new semester, I take pastry lesson. It’s totally different from cuisine. This week, chef Pol taught us some different kinds of breads. Before I didn’t have any experiences in making bread, but I really loved it now. Especially, I took the freshly baked bread out of the oven. It made me proud! I expect every pastry class now. Wish to learn more pastry from chef Pol.

In French class, prof Stéphane taught us French in interesting ways. I learned not only French language, but also French cultures from prof Stéphane. 

“Avant, je ne parlais pas français, mais je parle un petit peu français maintenant. Je pense que je peux parler bien français bientôt!”

I’m glad to choose Gastronomicom. I learn a lot of things and make some friends from different countries around the world.” Chih-Chieh Chen (James)

Thank you James for this testimonial.