I’m very happy to take part of this school

culinary student testimonial (3)

In the eyes of a student…

“After finishing my “baccalauréat” I’ve decided it was time to start training in what I love the most, which is cooking. Being a cook has always been my dream and I thought it was necessary to be trained in a good school to acquire knowledge and experience.

Taking advantage of all the years of studying French I decided to study in France, a country that I love and of course has a world reference cuisine. I chose to study at Gastronomicom because it had a good reputation and I thought it was a good place to learn this trade. Indeed, I was not wrong, I am learning day by day and chef Samuel teach us the discipline of cooking and a lot of knowledge that I am sure will be very useful in my professional life.

We have also been learning the importance of working as a team, since we change our work partner every week. Personally, it has helped me a lot to learn to work with different profiles of people and the most important, learn to work as a team.

I’m very happy to take part of this school. I will never forget this experience; I am sure it will help me fulfill my dream of becoming a professional chef.”

Bernat Presagué Rodon

Bernat is following a 7-month program including 3-month cooking courses and a 4-month internship in a French restaurant.

Thanks, Bernat for this great testimonial