I would recommend Gastronomicom to anyone who wants to learn Pastry

Pastry Student Resham (1)

“Being a hospitality management student who had just graduated into a period when the Hospitality sector was at its worst all over the world due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, I knew that it was the best time for me to further enhance my patisserie skills.

After a lot of research, I felt that Gastronomicom was the best fit for me as it is situated in France which is the hub of Pastry.

I like that it is a very cocooning environment where individual attention is given to each and every student. Since there are a limited number of students in each class, we can all achieve an optimal learning experience. As the weeks pass the difficulty level gradually increases, which helps us strengthen our basics in pastry before moving onto complicated techniques.

This allows us to build a strong foundation and then grow on it. The professors and chefs are very professional and are always ready to share their knowledge and skills to help us grow, the kitchens are very well equipped which makes our learning experience seamless.

I enrolled in the 7 month program which included Pastry as well as French so that I would be ready to intern in a restaurant in France listed in the Michelin Guide.

Getting an opportunity to learn how to speak French in 3 months is definitely a bonus, being a part of the Hospitality Sector, learning new languages is always helpful. I would recommend Gastronomicom to anyone who wants to learn Pastry; it was definitely the right choice for me!” Resham CHANDWANI

Thanks Resham for this great testimonial! 😀👍