I quickly became immersed in French cuisine

william altier student cooking US

Our american student William ALTIER shares his experience at Gastronomicom. Thanks William for this great testimonial!

“After three years of working in various restaurants in the United States and learning the nuances of different kitchens, I decided it was the right time to further develop my knowledge in the culinary arts. My friend, former colleague, and Gastronomicom alumni Danielle Salsburg shared her experience with me and told me how much she enjoyed the cuisine program. Danielle was able to effectively pass on the knowledge which she cultivated during her time at Gastronomicom to me, a skill that I believe to be the hallmark of a proper culinary education.

Since I arrived in April, I quickly became immersed in French cuisine. Chef Samuel provides his students with delicious recipes and ideas based on the techniques and diverse flavor profiles that are pivotal in order to create a dish. Being presented with daily challenges grants us students the opportunity to discover not only what kind of cook you are, but also what kind of student, teammate, and future mentor you will be.

learning the French language

Before arriving in France, the only French words I could speak were “bonjour” and “merci”. Now, after almost two months of learning the French language here at Gastronomicom, I have developed an understanding of the language I never thought would be possible in this short amount of time. The French teacher Stéphane is engaging and makes me excited to come to class each day and deepen my linguistic understanding.

william altier American student cuisineI want to pay homage to the Gastronomicom staff and my fellow students, who have become close friends of mine. I would also like to express my gratitude toward my family and friends back in the U.S. who have kept me motivated to pursue my aspirations in the culinary field. I feel like I am a part of a family here and hold this institution in the highest regard. Thank you for this tremendous opportunity that I will never forget.”

William ALTIER