Gastronomicom has been a life changing experience

« Gastronomicom has been a life changing experience.

Prior to my enrollment in September, I had no professional experience in cooking – only an enormous passion for it.

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At Gastronomicom I was able to develop my skills, learn new ones and most of all cultivate my creativity.

The Chefs here at Gastronomicom are extremely talented, very professional and great teachers. The relationship between the students and the administration here is more like what you experience in a big family, and you really get an amazing treatment.

Both at the residence and at the school you are considered as an unique guest. Everything is set up perfectly for your success!

Gastronomicom is the school for you if you wish to pursue your chef dreams, but don’t get me wrong; you have to be motivated, you have to be eager to learn and push yourself – you need to have the passion for cooking! ..

Gastronomicom will also provide you a professional internship! Currently I’m waiting to start my internship in a two star Michelin restaurant.
Thank you Gastronomicom for this amazing gastronomic journey that I was given to start in your company. Looking forward to see what is in store for me on this journey. » Filip Bjerkem

Thank you Filip for this testimonial! 👍