Gastronomicom former student success story: Arash Shahin

Success story Arash Shahin and Chef Samuel Breux
”I believe that cooking is the act of love, and I have always been in love with cooking which seems to have been inherited from mother. It has been said that “teach a man to fish you feed him for life”.
So, culinary school is the smartest choice for people who are passionate about being a chef. You learn a lot of techniques and ideas, you learn the science behind cooking, you learn how to be a creative chef and you learn all the things about cooking. Gastronomicom cooking school in France is not only a super great culinary school which trains you in a one Michelin star level in a hands on classes, but also is a bridge to all the fine dining restaurants around the world, and it is a precious advantage for whom want to continue their journey of cooking.
I am so satisfy to attended to Gastronomicom and I can realize that how it has been effective during my cooking journey.
I am working in a two Michelin stars restaurant located in Malmö Sweden and I can say that what I learnt in Gastronomicom during the school time from chef Samuel Breux and my internship experience in a five-star relais châteaux hotel in France helped me to achieve this job opportunity.
I would like to say thank Gastronomicom team. You are my second family and I am proud to be your student.”
Arash Shahin
Arash made a 7 month-program (cooking courses and internship) in April 2019 at Gastronomicom.
Thank you very much Arash for this great testimony 😉 and congratulations on your success!