Former student success story… Le Jardin by Husnara Kharbhih

Former student success story…


Le Jardin by Husnara Kharbhih is an Event, Food and Beverage consultancy company formed in 2018. For the last 6 months the company has been majoring in creating a market for French Cuisine and Bakery at its finest, Le Jardin has been working with a couple of other restaurants and hotels all over India. I have two branches which is in Shillong and Pune and also working on the upcoming two projects “Just Dessert by Le Jardin” which is an upcoming bakery cafe and “Farsi & French” which is a upcoming Persian and French fusion fine dine restaurant.

Gastronomicom international Culinary school has been magical for me and all my fellow students too, teachers and students work as a team and according to me that was one of the only points which brought in a lot of experiences for me, the whole team at the school are always ready to help us out with every possible way and the intense courses they offer was so mesmerizing for me that I had to go back twice.

My mentors Chef Samuel and Chef Pol were so patient and helpful with every step I was lacking in and the best part was they never gave up on me which brought in so much confidence in me today, and it would have never been possible for me to start my new journey today if i wouldn’t have join this School.

Thank you so much for the wonderful and warm experiences at Gastronomicom .” Husnara

Husnara Kharbhih has made a 3-month program (cooking courses and French lessons) in September 2017 and a 2-month program (pastry courses) in February 2018 at Gastronomicom. Thanks Husnara for this testimony and congratulations on your success!