An amazing experience in a beautiful environment

I am taking one-year Baking, Pastry and French course in Gastromomicom Internatonal Culinary and French School.

Its located in a beautiful town called Agde in South of France. I have met lot of other people who are different age and from different countries. Its an amazing experience in a beautiful environment.

The cooking techniques and skills Chef Samuel teaches are extraordinary. I have been here for only a month and a half but I have learnt a lot. The Kitchen is very clean and organised and well equipped which helps the student learn all the new techniques.

I went for a Macaroon work shop and got to work with Chef Paul in the pastry class. I am looking forward to go to pastry class next semester.

I have to mention about the French classes that is made fun by Stephan, He is very patient. His elaborate explanation and knowledge help me understand the language well. My French friends think I understand them better than before and I am able to answer them better. They believe that I will be able to speak French fluently soon.

The office staff are very friendly and helpful when you need anything. I would highly recommend Gastronomicom culinary school for anyone who needs to become a confident in cooking and French.”

Jayanthi VELLORE