The place to be when you want to learn the art of cooking

In the eyes of a Gastronomicom student…

“I decided to take 7 month cuisine program in Gastronomicom culinary school.
At first I thought it might be a too short period of time to learn french cooking techniques, but after spending some time in the school I don’t have these thoughts anymore.
Daily routine in the school consists of french language and cooking classes. Everyday I learn something new from french language prof Stéphane and it’s not only the things related with french grammar or vocabulary but historical and cultural facts of France.
Chef Samuel teaches us how to cook in classic french techniques but on top of that we get to know his own innovative approach on the classic recipe. Moreover, we get to work with most fresh ingredients from the local region which we poach, braise and apply other various techniques. For example: fresh scallops from local markets, lobsters, oysters from the farm nearby, etc.
All the team of Gastronomicom school is very helpful and caring for their students, all the questions are always answered with patience and understanding. When I arrived here, I immediately felt that this is a place to be when you want to push yourself further in the art of cooking.” Gustautas JANUSKEVICIUS
Thank you Gustautas.