Our student Dolapo shares her experience at Gastronomicom. In this second part of her testimonial, she talks about the cooking courses. Thanks Dolapo😉👍

Culinary arts in Gastronomicom is all-encompassing I must say.

The culture of origin is truly represented, nothing left out, from ingredients to cooking to plating, to presentation, dish evolution, cleaning methods and equipment maintenance; nothing left out.

The technics are easy to replicate but very unique. They’ll blow your mind.
Classes are taught in English so there’s no reason you can’t learn here.

There are students from all works of life; Doctors, sales reps, Acupuncturists, Microbiologists, you name it.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen a kitchen equipment or you have little experience, the curriculum is tailor-made for you.

The manner of teaching is such that you can easily replicate what you’ve been taught anywhere and by yourself because the Chef doesn’t hold back.

The Chef is ALWAYS ready to answer your questions, correct your errors, critics your dishes just to get you where you need to be.