Learn Art of French culinary is more than a big dream

“If going to culinary school is a wish of every food blogger, then going to a school where you can have opportunity to learn Art of French culinary is a more than a big dream.
My big dream comes true with Gastronomicom, I took the challenge and came 2 000 km far from my hometown to feel that experience of French cooking.
For 3 months of intense work at the cooking class I became from beginner to the one whose work is recognized at the all social media.
The best illustration of my progression I will show you through these photos during the 3 months period.


I had also possibility to attend some extra courses of pastry although it wasn’t my primary discipline.
I can openly say that one of the most difficult tasks that I had in culinary was dealing with chocolate. But that wasn’t only the chocolate but Art of Chocolate. With good training, instructions and dedication that was given to me I succeeded to make my first culinary lifework.


Last but not least of my impressions about the school is my French language improvement, on which I am very proud.
I give all thanks to my professor who has faith in me and others, supporting us on the road to success.

It was not so easy to be so far from family and friends, but all these I wouldn’t succeeded without my new world-wide friends. With them I share all the beautiful moments spent in France and Agde. For sure will miss them all after all.

If I can give you advice then it is to take your challenge as we did, come and learn how to become the one of the best chefs.” Suzana Jovanović

Thank you Suzana for this great testimony.