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Winemaking school

In our winemaking school you will have the chance to discover the exclusive world of wines; you will improve your wine vocabulary and you will grow professionally. All these new learnt skills will definitely help you get a better job in this domain and become a well-known sommelier.

French wines are known worldwide and they are appreciated even by the most demanding and refined people. Our International Academy offers the guaranty of excellence and provides programs for beginners as well as for experienced people willing to learn the mysteries of wine making and wine tasting.

Certified wine education

Gastronomicom offers you the opportunity to achieve a certified wine education. During our classes you will receive the most important information regarding French wines, including the know-how of wine tasting techniques. As a bonus you will get to learn French while visiting the south of France.

We invite you to train for a career in the wine industry, which offers excellent employment prospects. Discover French wine secrets and become the best sommelier of our school.

In order to learn about wine, Gastronomicom invites you to attend wine tasting courses offered by a team of sommeliers.

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