Our student Dolapo from Nigeria talks about the French lessons

Our student Dolapo from Nigeria shares her experience at Gastronomicom. In this first part of her testimonial, she talks about the French lessons that she followed from January to the beginning of March 2020.

Thanks Dolapo.

Looking for a French Academy

“About a year ago, I was looking for a French Academy where I could obtain a culinary certification and I was hoping to find a local school or institution where I could learn french as well while I study cuisine. I stumbled on Gastronomicom cooking school in France, I never heard of it till I found it and I think, the world should hear about this dynamic institution.

The school was offering different courses and you could choose 2 so I picked cuisine and French.

Start speaking French

I was supposed to start speaking French in 3 months according to the school’s calendar, not fluently, but well enough to communicate and to be understood. That sounds weird right and impossible, so I thought but here’s what I discovered in the few weeks I’ve spent here ;
When I came here, I only understood salutations, and very few words. If anyone spoke to me, I didn’t understand, and I would stare in confusion and wonder if I’ll ever comprehend the language.

After 2 weeks, things changed, my vocabulary repertoire grew, after a month I could understand when spoken to and respond in French. I write better with errors here and there but, I’m understood when I speak.

The school environment

The school environment is very conducive and cool. It allows for easy assimilation, friendly and helpful staff, it’s all shades of wow!

The Professor employs various techniques to ensure we speak, write, understand and listen well such as History (origin) of words, textbooks, researches he made, synonymes, games, short clips, comedy, animations, class exercises, homework, idioms and more.

He makes us speak even if the grammatical expressions or conjugations are wrong.

We’re encouraged to go out and speak, wherever we are, airports, stores anywhere, just speak. Speak like tarzan he says, one day, you’ll be a master of the language.
He’s patient with each student. Lots of exercises to practice with. In class, you’re free to make mistakes without criticism. He’s friendly, jovial and strict at the same time.

In Gastronomicom, French language is fun to learn and it’s quick. I scarcely believe it myself, but it’s true cause I speak. Here, you have the true value for your money.

So, if you desire to learn French, my advice to you is this.




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