French Cooking Classes


Our cooking classes are for you if:

  • You are a professional looking to improve your knowledge of modern French Cooking (to a one Michelin Star Level, which you can achieve through participating in our French cooking classes)
  • You want to learn a new profession through intensive hands-on classes and a 4 month internship at a luxury Hotel-Restaurant in France.
  • You want to discover French Gastronomic Cooking over 4 weeks.
  • You are a student in Hospitality Management who would like to improve your knowledge of French Gastronomic Cooking and learn French at the same time.
  • You are an individual who wants to learn French Gastronomic Culture and more about French Cuisine while visiting South of France.

Details about our French Cooking classes

You are already a chef or a good home-cook, you love to cook and you want to increase your knowledge in this art.
Our priority: sharing our passion for the best of French gastronomy. Led by our teachers who have worked in famous French restaurants, you will learn Gastronomic cooking to a 1 Michelin Star Level in few weeks.
All classes are hands-on only to maximise your practical experience and to fully immerse you in the recipes.

Every day you will learn new techniques, with progressively greater skill over the course of the program.
Now it’s up to you to choose the right program for your goal

All of our teachers are highly qualified professionals, possessing significant experience in the field that they teach.