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Pastry arts school

Are you passionate about French pastry? Whether you want to start discovering the tasty world of French pastry or you are already a professional looking to improve his knowledge, you are in the right place. We are delighted to invite you in our pastry arts school to discover the world of French pastry.

Gastronomicom proudly presents a variety of programs for you to enjoy and become an appreciated pastry chef and why not develop a career in the world’s top restaurants. Our pastry program is built on fundamental techniques, reinforcing the basic as you go through every unit of learning.

At the end of the pastry classes you will get a diploma, so you will be certified and your abilities will be well known. Whether you will want to follow a career in the industry or you will want to open your own pastry business, you will have had a solid foundation on which to build your dreams.

Enroll in our pastry arts school and be sure to receive a well-rounded education and all the needed support to meet the challenges of a demanding industry.

We also invite you to check-out French cooking classeswine tasting courses for beginners or professionals. Our teachers are dedicated to ensure the best learning experience for all of our students.

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