We make such beautiful gastronomic desserts

I am doing the Pastry (Patisserie) course along with internship at Gastronomicom School.
I am so grateful to the team of Gastronomicom – Staff, chef, professor etc. they are all so professional and treat us all like family!
I have learned so much from Chef Pol.
I look forward to our pastry class everyday … I simply love how each week we learn so many techniques and make such delicate, beautiful gastronomic desserts.
I am excited and nervous for my internship but I know under the guidance of Chef Pol and by the end of the training I will be confident to work at the internship and make use of all that I have learnt here in my future endeavors!


And Merci Beaucoup to Stéphane our French teacher at Gastronomicom for being so patient and wonderful in introducing us to a new language and making French learning fun and informative!! The most wonderful thing about being a part of Gastronomicom school is that we meet students from around the world!! I love how International the school is and we get to spend a lot of time at the lovely residence and at school!! It’s a journey I would never forget and I know I have made friends for life!
I have learnt so much and eager to learn a lot more in the coming weeks!!

Deveyshi Singh

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