She was offered a job during her internship

At the culinary Academy Gastronomicom, students can do an internship (under certain conditions) in one of our partner gastronomic establishments referenced in the Michelin Guide. Monika MACIULAITYTE, a Lithuanian student, made this choice. She followed a 7-month training (3 months of course at Gastronomicom followed by 4 months of internship). It was a great opportunity for her to put into practice the techniques learned during the courses and to see the reality of the job.
Monika has done an internship in the beautiful establishment “Auberge de Cassagne”, a 5-star luxury hotel and gourmet restaurant near Avignon. Our trainee was quickly assigned responsibilities as a demi-chef de partie. Monika takes care of the cooking of all meats, the preparation of sauces and garnishes, the plating of dishes. The service starts around noon for a big rush up to 2:30pm. And in the evening the activity does not fall, quite the opposite. She can count on Chef Philippe Boucher and his right hand chef Olivier Charmadiras who provide her valuable advice. “The most important thing is the taste, there must be emotion in what we do,” says Chef Boucher. Monika loves “her beautiful cuisine”.

Before joining the Auberge de Cassagne, Monika learned a lot of techniques during her training at Gastronomicom with the cooking chef Samuel Breux. “Beautiful courses” she confides. She also improved her language practice with French teacher Stéphane Massin; an important asset of her training because in the kitchen everything goes very fast and it is necessary to quickly integrate the instructions. “I learned the vocabulary of cooking and even slang terms that are very useful to me today” she says. Now she feels at home at the Auberge de Cassagne. Her motivation, her seriousness and her desire to learn were rewarded in August when Monika won a permanent contract at the institution and she is expected to evolve as a chef de partie next January. It’s a wonderful reward for this passionate cook. “I’m very happy, the team is great, I’m learning all the time,” she says. Congratulations Monika, Gastronomicom, is proud of you!