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Pastry intership

One of the goals of our academy is to form future professionals in the art of French pastry. One of the best ways to develop and improve your skills is through a pastry internship. This way you will see the experts at work and you will have the opportunity to steal secrets directly from “la crème de la crème” You will also have the chance to take this pastry internship very seriously, as a preparation for the next desired job.

If you want to become a name in the industry, we can assure you that reading baking blogs, cooking books or hundreds of recipes aren’t enough, as long as you don’t experience it directly, with real chefs that will pass on their technique.

By taking a pastry internship you will gain advanced skills that you will put into practice along with an international group of interns.

Practice makes perfect – Ultimately, as in every domain, the best way to learn is to be in the kitchen, working hard and passionate. This will make you a potential next great pastry chef!

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