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Pastry chef school

Becoming one of the very best pastry chefs, it is not an easy thing to accomplish. To be a great pastry chef you need a lot of training, passion and commitment. One of the most important things in becoming one is choosing the right school, the one that provides you with the best training program adjusted to your own particular needs.

Whether you want to learn a new profession or you want to improve your knowledge of French pastry through our training program, we gladly invite you to discover our curricula. Gastronomicom also has an extensive pastry internship program and sommelier courses available for the ones who want to find a better job and improve their knowledge. You have the possibility to discover the refinement of the French cuisine while attending our pastry chef school classes. Moreover, you will be traveling in the south of France where our International Gastronomy Institute is located.

Pastry chef training

Gastronomicom invites you to discover our pastry chef training programs in order to become a successful chef.

You will learn from the world known chefs who will share their knowledge and their experience with you.

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