In the eyes of a student… Suzannah Nicolle

In the eyes of a student… 👩‍🍳

Gastronomicom cooking school in France is a very special place, for many different reasons. The most important being the people who make it all happen. The chefs, the French teacher and the ‘behind the scenes’ staff. Professional & friendly at the same time.

I have just finished my cooking course which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was challenging being my first time in the kitchen, but Chef Sam and my team helped me along the way. I learnt so much. And now I am doing pastry, which I just love. I am excited and nervous to do my internship in pastry, but I know that Chef Pol will prepare me well for what is to come! Also, after 3 months of French classes, I have fallen in love with the language… The beginning was tough but the prof made it a smooth ride, and I feel more confident each day. Merci beaucoup, Stéphane.

I have met some incredible people, who have made my experience more memorable. We, as students, spend a lot of time together – especially at the residence. I love how international the school is. We come here, from all over the world, and still manage to connect, because we all have a passion for being in the kitchen.

I feel grateful for my experience here so far, and I am looking forward to learning more & more. Thank you.” Suzannah Nicolle

Merci Suzannah ! 

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