French classes at Gastronomicom

Learn French at Gastronomicom

“In Gastronomicom cooking school in France, the French class is divided into two classes based on the results of the first day of the exam. In the intermediate class I belonged to, the teacher Stéphane almost 98% of time spoke French in the class, and only 2% was in English. Stéphane always asked us if we had any questions at the beginning of the class and he answered the questions carefully.

The teacher taught us the words and verbs that are used in the restaurant and kitchen. When some students knew a noun and some didn’t know it, the teacher asked those who had already knew to explain in French to the others. I think this is a good training. Students can try to explain words to others in their own way with the French words they know. And when all the students didn’t know, Stéphane asked students to ask him yes/no questions. Students can learn how to ask questions and find answers from the questions and the responses.


The teacher used the film and the slide to assist his teaching, and played games to let us familiarize with the words that were taught. At the same time, the teacher taught us grammar and gave us a lot of exercises. For example, in the past month, we learned the definite article and the indefinite article, the grammar of making questions and answering, COD/COI, passé composé, l’imparfait and plus-que-parfait. In addition, the teacher also told us the history of France.
However, I have five more months in Gastronomicom, I hope that my French can be improved, which means I have a lot of work to do, and I can communicate smoothly during my internship.” Shih-Hao (Serena)

Thanks to our student Serena for this testimonial about the French classes.

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