Former student success story

Former student success story…

Sally Barclay has made a 7 months program (Pastry courses, French lessons and internship) in September 2015 at Gastronomicom. In May 2016, she opened “Le Macaron Pastries & Desserts Jamaica”. We are very proud of her! 

“Before I went to France I was a novice home baker with no patisserie experience. The techniques that I have learnt at Gastronomicom and my stage (internship) has given me not only the confidence but the ability to manage and open a small pastry business. I still use all the recipes that I used in school to make all my desserts and pastries. 
I decided to open Le Macaron Pastries and Desserts because it was long desire that had to open a small French patisserie and with the experience that I got from Gastronomicom, I was able to make it happen. 
Le Macaron Pastries and Desserts offer freshly made Macarons and French pastries including éclairs, tarts, mousses, chocolate sweets and much more! The idea is simple: we use nothing but the finest ingredients to create beautiful macarons with a taste experience you’ll never forget. Our favourites include coconut cream, lemon cream, chocolate ganache, hazelnut, rum cream and so many more! For orders or enquiries email” Sally