The last few years in yachting turned me into guests cook. 

Couldn’t call myself a chef due to lack of professional experience as well as basic skills. Every meal was stressful and i new i need more knowledge.

Currently there is not many schools in Europe that offer flexibility in time and level of skills.

Gastronomicon was recommended to me by close friend who finished that school and now is running a 80m yacht as head chef. Hearing her praises and seeing her skills i decided to try.

Only a month but what a difference.

I was welcomed with smile and encouragement not only from administrators but also from chefs.

Chef Pol & Samuel are high class teachers that were supporting but also demanding to prepare us to be the best in future culinary endeavors.

The knowledge achieved only in such a short time convinced me to sign up for another month next year.

This school is for you cause you have passion for cooking and that is the key of Gastronomicon success!

Thank you.

Malgorzata Kanicka