From the moment I saw pictures of beautifully decorated plates created by smiling students and chefs I knew that there was something special about Gastronomicom cooking school in France.

It kept calling me to explore more about it. I started imagining myself as a student there, learning from great chefs about French cuisine and patisserie, improving my cooking skills and plating and meeting new people from all over the world. A while after, it all became reality. I couldn’t even imagine that this culinary journey was going to open a whole new world in my eyes and make me a member of one big international family.

Since I am a nutritionist, I wanted to bring my cooking skills to a higher level and make my plates more interesting, colorful and presented in a different way.

My initial thought was to only attend cooking classes. However, I am a foodie also, so seeing the masterpieces created during baking and pastry classes made me enroll in both programs. I am so glad I made that decision because having an opportunity to learn how to make traditional French baguettes in lots of different ways, brioches, croissant dough, macaroons, sourdough bread and lots of world’s famous desserts interpreted in modern way is something I will always remember.

Each day in school was a new adventure with new ingredients, new recipes, techniques and plating. Not knowing what awaits for me the next day was a first lesson that school taught me; being a chef is often a challenge because you don’t know what may a new day bring. It was a real pleasure to work with both chefs. I really admired their knowledge, experience and passion they showed every single day in the kitchen.

They were eager to share their knowledge, to teach us how to treat all ingredients with respect and to motivate us to give our best during cooking and plating time. After having a wonderful 3 months experience at Gastronomicom, I have to admit that my relationship with food got a new dimension. I started communicating with it and I believe I learn from it each day I prepare something new.

Gastronomicom once again proved to me what I always believed: human imagination has no limits. When you bring it to your kitchen, you create breathtaking things.

Thank you chef Pol and chef Samuel once again ☺

Mirna Sarić