Bread week in pastry class: one of my favorite topics 

“Time really flies by here in Gastronomicom.
It’s my six week here and yet, it feels like I arrived yesterday. Since I’m having such a good time here, I decided to share my experience with other people who love gastronomy.

So this week is Bread week in pastry class.

It’s one of my favorite topics.
For me the fermentation of the dough is so extraordinary. The process is not just simple but also magical. When I see the raised dough, I feel like I’m looking at a white canvas, it’s pure and patiently waiting to turn into a master piece. Also the shaping of the dough is truly an art of its own form. The way you feel and handle the dough is so important, for every kind of bread you want to make, there is a different way to get in touch with the dough.
And once you see the shaping of the dough is how you want it to be, the sheer satisfaction is overwhelming. Then once you’ve baked it and see the finishing result, for me there’s just so much emotion going on, it’s like finally finishing my canvas with vibrant colors and a beautiful story to tell.”

James Yang