A wonderful experience!

“Coming to study to Gastronomicom cooking school in France was one of the most complex yet simplest decision that I have made in my whole life. In one hand, being a cooking fanatic, studying in France is a dream came true. This is a famous country regarding to culinary techniques, high quality ingredients and french is the language in the occidental culinary world, however, being an engineer, it was a very risky change of career. Nevertheless, I have not regret this decision.

This adventure started in April with my first lessons of pastry and french. I was terrified when I arrived. A new country so far away from home and a new life in a new language surrounded by anyone but strangers. However, the atmosphere in the school is great ! The lessons are very interesting, dynamics and the teachers and staff make you feel at home from the beginning and sure you will make friends for life.

I chose the one year program because this way I would have the opportunity to live the whole experience : Cooking, pastry and french lessons and two different internships in high level restaurants. My first part of the program I already finished it : Pastry and french lessons and my first internship in a hotel restaurant with a 1 Michelin star gastronomique restaurant in the city of Aïnhoa. Currently I’m starting the second part with cooking and french lessons, happy to be back at school and very anxious to go through the new experiences this will bring.
I’m grateful for having this amazing opportunity.

Halfway, I can say it’s been a wonderful experience. I’ve met great people, amazing places and learned a lot of things that are going to be the base to accomplish my goals in this new part of my life.”

Olga Gomez

Thank you Olga for this great testimonial!

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