In the eyes of a student…

“Leaving my job as an Advertising executive and joining a culinary school was a life-changing decision for me.
And finding the right one, a blessing.
I have enrolled for the year-long course where I get to try my hand at both, French cooking as well as Pastry.

Every day our cooking class begins with a briefing by Chef Samuel. He tells us about the ingredients that we are going to work with and explains to us the classic French cooking techniques that we’ll use that day. We return to our stations to follow his instructions. Though he gives us free rein, he does keep a close eye to check us if we make a mistake. Right from the chopping skills to the plating of the dish.
We get to work with the best and the most celebrated French ingredients. Only in one month, I have filleted six different types of fish, carved a quail and cut through a live lobster!
It’s only been a month for me at Gastronomicom cooking school in France and it already feels like home!” Tarannum Sehgal.

Thank you Tarannum for this testimonial.