Gourmet Program 1 month
Pastry courses

Short programs designed for beginner (level I), intermediate (level II) or advanced (level III) students who aspire to improve their skills and knowledge in French pastry with our highly experienced teacher. This is an intensive hands-on program that focuses on the students. Join our pastry Academy!

Pastry Courses

  • 4 weeks
  • 15H of hands-on pastry classes per week
  • 60H of classes
  • courses taught in English
  • certificate in pastry

The pastry module includes:

  • 1st week: bakery (breads, viennoiseries and doughs)

  • 2nd week: cakes and entremets

  • 3rd week: plated desserts and decoration

  • 4th week: chocolate

Additional Information

Practical classes

Demonstration of the Chef followed by carrying out the recipe from A to Z by the student himself with the teacher's advice

Different levels

3 levels: Gourmet Beginner (level I), Gourmet Intermediate (level II: 3 to 5 years experience), Gourmet Advanced (level III: more than 5 years experience)


Beautiful Residence near the beach, 10mn from the school by bus (everything is organized) for a very reasonable price