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French Pastry Classes


Our pastry classes are for you if:

  • You are a professional looking to improve your knowledge of French Pastry (one star Michelin level)
  • You want to learn a new profession through intensive hands-on classes + a 4 months internship at a luxury hôtel-restaurant in France
  • You want to discover French pastry over 4 weeks
  • You want to grow professionally and get a better job by taking pastry classes in France
  • You are a student in hospitality management who wants to improve your knowledge of French Pastry and learn French at the same time
  • You are an individual who wants to learn French and more about French Pastry while visiting the South of France

Details about our pastry programs :

Beginner or professional, you have a creative spirit, a big curiosity for pastry and also a huge patience: our pastry program is for you.
Our philosophy: excellency and authenticity. Therefore our teachers are high level pastry professionals (French chefs) and why we work only with fresh products.
You will learn the basics but not only. Every day you will also prepare modern desserts level one star Michelin star from A to Z.

During the program there is always an evolution with different dishes that we prepare incorporating more difficult technics.

Depending of your project, you have just to choose the length of your program (from 1 month to 1 year).

The pastry chefs are actually very demanded in the workplace, this profession offer huge opportunities. After completing our program, you can work in famous hotels and restaurants

We invite you to be part of our French Pastry School and to enjoy the different programs offered by Gastronomicom – International Culinary Academy.

All of our teachers are highly qualified graduates with a vast level of experience in the field that they teach.