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Food and Beverage Internships

Outside Gastronomicom, Restaurant, Hostel

We offer you the possibility to complite an internship after your courses which allow you to improve your skills in cooking and pastry.
It’s an amazing opportunity for you. You will be placed in a high-level establishment. The school takes care to find you the right place where you will be accommodated, feed and paid.
You’ll live at the establishment’s rhythm and will discover the real life of gastronomic Chef.

Gastronomicom is the only academy who provide internship to his students (in cooking or pastry) in restaurants referenced in Michelin guide in France.


Our Programs including an Internship :

We have 3 programs that integrate an internship:

  • The full program (3 months courses + 4 months internship)
  • The one year program (6 months courses + 6 months internship)
  • The one year program Miami/Agde  ( 3 months in Miami+ 3 months in Agde + 6 months internship ). For this program please contact us at


You can’t do only the internship. The courses before are compulsory (by French law and in your interest because we have to know your level to choose the right place for you).


A boost for your culinary career

Because of our 10 years’ experience and our excellent reputation, we collaborate exclusively with top-end Hotels-Restaurants and Restaurants in France such as Relais-Châteaux, leading hotels of the world and other luxurious restaurants (even one or two stars Michelin level).
The placement of the student will be decided by the teachers and the administrative team.
The school will take into account the student’s technical and french level, his motivation and his behavior.
The internship will begin immediately after the course so students will not require any other lodging in between.
During the internship, students will receive an indemnity almost 500 Euros per month + lodging and board.


The internship is very important for a student, it is the training’s key to finalize all the formation.
Extremely helpful, the internship permits to the student to realize the  profession’s reality.

A prestigious internship is a wonderful benefit on your resume or C.V.

We selected for you a website which will allow you to have all the necessary information relative to the internships, you will find it by clicking HERE and related jobs HERE.


If you need additional information about cooking internship and pastry, please feel free to contact us!