Alumni testimonials

Our students talk about their Gastronomicom experience

Culinary diploma

The school

“The school was recommended to me by my friend, and I am very satisfied with my decision to attend classes here. Coming to a country with a culture and language complete different from Taiwan. It was a challenge for me, but it was also one of my dreams which I am happy to have completed. I recommend the school to anyone wanting to improve their cooking skills, language and knowledge, and can assure that you will have an unforgettable and beautiful memory as I did!” Hsin-Yu (Eddie), Taïwan

“I am very happy to be in this school, in fact this is a dream come true. The serenity of the school is wonderful. The teachers and the other staffs are very nice and accommodating. The training we are receiving here is intensive and if you want to learn gastronomic I recommend this school” Roseline, Nigeria

“On the first day I stepped in the classes, I knew I have made the right decision and chosen the right place to learn French language and French cuisine with one star Michelin level. Equipped with dynamic, passionate and talented professionals, it is situated in a small but beautiful, picturesque village in the South of France.” Gary Gory, Malaysia

“When I came here first day, I saw a clean kitchen and everyone was nice to me. I knew that I could learn a lot here! I’m glad to choose Gastronomicom. I learn a lot of things and make some friends from different countries around the world.” Cheng (James), Taiwan

“When I arrived here, I immediately felt that this is a place to be when you want to push yourself further in the art of cooking.” Gustautas, Lithuania


Cooking courses

“The cooking techniques and skills Chef Samuel teaches are extraordinary. I have been here for only a month and a half but I have learnt a lot. The Kitchen is very clean and organised and well equipped which helps the student learn all the new techniques.” Jayanthi, Canada

“After three month of cuisine lesson, indeed, I really learned a lot of skills from chef Samuel. No matter what the questions were, chef Samuel always answered us with patience.” Cheng (James), Taiwan

“Chef Samuel always explains the details very clear, while the atmosphere is rather relaxed and joyful. Everything all starts with the basics, which are the key to your success which is great because I think if we learn them right from the very beginning, we can later spread your wings towards borderless creativity.” Vathanya, Thailand

“What I enjoy the most in the kitchen is that we are using good ingredients, usually local and exclusive. We are being taught several different methods of cooking, how to prepare the food and how to present the food on a plate; to make the finished product look both tasty and artistic.” Ina, Sweden

“It was challenging being my first time in the kitchen, but Chef Sam and my team helped me along the way. I learnt so much.” Suzannah, South Africa

Strawberry coriander Mille feuilles (3)

Pastry courses

“Before coming to Gastronomicom, I already had experience in pastry. But this 3 months course perfected my skills through a full program including bakery, cakes, platted desserts and chocolate. Chef Pol teaches us new skills, knowledge. I can see a lot of progress in my platted desserts, as Chef Pol takes the time to point out every detail and show us ways to continuously improve our skills. He is always keen to share everything he knows with us.” Hsin-Yu (Eddie), Taïwan

“In pastry class, Chef Pol has guide us step by step with his well-organization disciplines for all of us. Each week we were given different topics to learn, in general we have 4 totally different categories to learn, first comes to the bread, cakes, plat decorations, and definitely the chocolate.” Shih Huan (Yvonne), Taiwan

“In Gastronomicom, I’ve learned a lot techniques from Chef Pol, especially the topic were changed week by week, I really like the schedule that Chef arranged for all students. It make us adjust ourselves in arranging every steps in pastry field. Chef Pol has taught us a lot of pastry skills since the first day we were here. With Chef explanation, each student have fully understandings of preparation steps and baking skills.
To accomplish my dream is to come to Gastronomicom culinary school, which has sharpen my skills in French pastry a lot. Learning by doing is the most important of my life, I won’t stop learning.” Yi-Ting, Taiwan 

Gastronomicom French lessons (3)

French lessons

“Everyday I learn something new from french language prof Stéphane and it’s not only the things related with french grammar or vocabulary but historical and cultural facts of France” Gustautas, Lithuania

“I have to mention about the French classes that is made fun by Stephan, He is very patient. His elaborate explanation and knowledge help me understand the language well. My French friends think I understand them better than before and I am able to answer them better. They believe that I will be able to speak French fluently soon.” Jayanthi, Canada

“After 3 months of French classes, I have fallen in love with the language… The beginning was tough but the prof made it a smooth ride, and I feel more confident each day.” Suzannah, South Africa