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Gourmet Program: One Month (4 weeks) Gastronomicom (1)

This short program has been designed for beginner, intermediate or advanced students who aspire to learn or improve their skills and knowledge in gastronomic French cooking and pastry with our highly experienced teachers.

3 possibilities:

  • Cooking courses + Pastry courses : 4 weeks with 30 hours of hands-on classes per week (15 hours pastry lessons + 15 hours cooking lessons per week)
  • Cooking courses : 4 weeks with 15 hours of hands-on cooking classes per week
  • Pastry courses : 4 weeks with 15 hours of hands-on pastry classes per week


The 4 weeks cooking module includes:

  • 1st week: cold starters
  • 2nd week: hot starters
  • 3rd week: fishes and sauces
  • 4th week: meats and sauces

Click here to view the type of recipes you’ll learn (cooking).


The 4 weeks pastry module includes:

  • 1st week: breads, viennoiseries, doughs
  • 2nd week: cakes and entremets
  • 3rd week: chocolate
  • 4th week: plated desserts and decoration

Click here to view the type of recipes you’ll learn (pastry).



  • 3 levels: Gourmet Beginner (level I), Gourmet Intermediate (level II), Gourmet Advanced (level III)
  • The intakes dates remain different if you are beginner, advanced or professional, please check the different intakes here.
  • During all the French cooking & pastry classes, students work in teams in order to help each other and to learn together
  • 5 possibilities for the Gourmet Beginner program (January, April and September intakes): Cooking courses + pastry courses, Cooking courses, Pastry courses, Cooking courses + French lessons, Pastry courses + French lessons (contact us for more information)
  • All week-ends are free
  • We provide you the lodging in a beautiful Residence, 10mn from the school with Bus (everything is organized) for a very reasonable price


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